Fund raising

For over seven years now the Flag Ladies have made the 220 mile round trip to Bangor to greet the troops and take their pictures thousands of times. With each photo taken a small gift is given. Countless packages have been send to individual soldiers to share with their buddies and to the field hospitals in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. In response to requests from the soldiers for clothes, shoes, school supplies and toys have been shipped to Afghanistan.

We are often asked how we are able to do all of this. Coming from the 'old school' where you are expected to earn the money for your projects. When the simple mission of standing with our flags on Main Street in Freeport began to rapidly expand the three of us decided to stop taking vacations, going to movies and concerts and eating out except when necessary and use that money to support that which we so strongly believe in - the morale of our soldiers. In addition we do yard sales and Elaine raises flowers to raise money and our efforts are helped by occasional donations.

No applause is expected for our efforts because the rewards of the mission are priceless and no vacation could possibly compare with it.


During the first Yard sale of 2010 this delightful group of girls from New Castle, England stopped by a bought the Cat's Cradle book.. They came to Maine to ski but instead found beautiful spring weather..


7 am on a chilly October morning loading a friend's truck with tables for the Yard Sale on Main Street


Pam payeur, head of the Maine Warrior Legacy, brought some wonderful volunteers that helped make the yard sale a great success.


Elaine talking with a Maine Veteran and his family.


Carmen sold bags and boxes of clothes that brought in funds to support the mission and also was a great source of warm clothing for lots of people.


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