Letters from Families & Troops

I wanted to say thank you so much for being there for my soldier when he arrived in Bangor.  It really makes me happy to see the support that you have given him and his fellow buddies.  It was great to see him with a smile one last time before heading over seas.  Thank you and God Bless You!



My son just left today for Afghanistan. He arrived in Bangor from his home base Ft. Hood, Texas around 2 o’clock. He is a Chinook pilot. He has left a wonderful wife and 2 small, precious girls, 4 and 7 years old for this deployment.

From my heart, I want to thank you so very much for meeting him at the airport today and receiving him and all the soldiers with such a warm welcome and show of support. We, that are holding him in our prayers, are warmed that you took the time to hold him in your arms.

God bless you for your ministry to our soldiers!



Thank you for all you do for our military!!  I will be forever indebted to you for taking the picture of my son as he was departing from Bangor, Maine headed for Iraq.  I have that picture hanging on the wall in my family room.  Your love and devotion has touched so many lives and I for one am very grateful for/to you!!!


Hello, my name is MAJ G. F., currently deployed in Afghanistan as part of the 352nd Combat Support Hospital.  I recently received a package from your organization containing gourmet caramel corn and microwave popcorn.  We all get excited when we receive mail and even more so when there is a package.  I hope that you know that I truly appreciate receiving these treats and shared them with my fellow soldiers.  V/R



I just saw your webpage: my nephew's wife posted a link. I opened it and saw pictures of the Arkansas National Guard Unit that passed through Maine last Thursday. I saw 4 pictures of my nephew! THANK YOU so much for the effort you make to support the military. IT MATTERS SO MUCH THAT THE LAST EXPERIENCE THEY HAVE AS THEY LEAVE OUR COUNTRY, IS A SHOW OF LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

Again, Thank you so much!

NB (aka: "Auntie Nan") 


Thank you for all you do for our military!!  I will be forever indebted to you for taking the picture of my son as he was departing from Bangor, Maine headed for Iraq.  I have that picture hanging on the wall in my family room.  Your love and devotion has touched so many lives and I for one am very grateful for/to you!!!



OMG!!!!! That’s my SON!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it is to see his face one more time. I had to take a break for a few minutes because I was crying (again) but when I started looking again I found two more pictures of him. I had already heard about you guys and was hoping you would be there. Thank you so much for what you do. It may just seem like a simple picture to those that don't have children at war but to me, and I'm sure to so many others, it is completely wonderful. When I compose myself (because I am crying again) ((today’s been kinda a rough day)) I will get back with you so I can get a copy of the pictures. Thank you so much. You guys are awesome.



I'm so sorry, I don't know your name! So Dear Sweet, Thoughtful, Patriotic and Loving 'Forever Free' FlagLady,

This is my son's third deployment, and the one I'm most afraid of. I've known of your site for some time, and always search eagerly for his pic, but have never seen one--until now! It gives me such a warm feeling to know that whether I see him or not, I KNOW he's always being greeted, both coming and going, by such loving, generous and supportive folks as yourself.

I can imagine it wouldn't be easy to get up at all hours and be there with a smile and a hug (and everything else you offer), but I'll bet you do it out of sheer love for our troops and appreciation for all they do. If I lived in Maine, I'd be doing it, too! Thank you so very, very much for your dedication and support of our beloved men and women. As I look through the photos you post, I'm always struck by the thought that these brave souls are the very best examples of America's young. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for taking such good care of them. I am sure that your love and encouragement as they leave, as well as your smiling, welcoming greeting as they come home again is pure balm for their souls. I'm also sure that there is a very special place in Heaven for all of you.

I know this may sound over-the-top, but I can't help it. The sun rises and sets on that kid's shoulders, so your being there for him means the world to me.

Again, thank you and God bless you always.

Gratefully yours, SS


Oh thanks so much for loving on our boys!   My young son was there this past week on the 11th.  Marines.  A mom sent me this link she found with our sons picture.  Thanks for all that you all do.....It is nice to know that got hugs before they left.



I know you will NOT remember me, but we talked Years ago when my Husband was coming back from a Deployment, You got some pics of him in the Airport (when he was there on a layover) & I still to this day Cherish Those, I just wanted to say Thank You Soooo Much for EVERYTHING that you do, I can't Believe you are still going Strong, what Dedication you Must have, the World Needs MORE people like you ... My husband has been over there so many times, each Night I lay awake Praying that I don't get that dreaded phone call, He is Currently Over in the UAE & has been since September, Before that he was in Portugal for 15 months & before that Turkey for a Year, (The Tour b4 that was the one you got pics of) I believe it was when he was coming home from Iraq after 2 consecutive tours. My husband is coming home October 2011, hopefully for Good, it will have been 4 years in a row he has been Over Seas since he Originally Left, (not counting his many deployments, b4 that over the years) & during that 4 years we have ONLY seen him maybe a total of 60 days, It has been so Hard on all of us, Especially the kids, they miss their dad so much & he has missed out on So much of their Lives, I have Nothing but RESPECT for my Husband & EVERY Single Soldier who has fought for our country & for Women like Y-O-U who just want to show their Support & Give so much of themselves Away w/o any fame or recognition, I just wanted to say Thank you For EVERYTHING you have done & will Continue to do, I Wish I had $30.000 to write you that Check, What a Blessing you have been to So many People.



"OMG!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to see my husband one more time before his departure!!! I can't wait to see him on here once again when he returns!!! THANK YOU!!!! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!! I love you Lt. Resillas!!!!! See you soon baby!!!! oxoxoxo"


Hi Ladies,

I wanted to thank you once again for all you do.  You really make a difference in people’s lives. As a mother of a Marine it is hard to let your babies grow up as it is, let alone let them go half way around the world to do their jobs.  I was having a hard time letting my son go.  When he called me to let me know he was in Maine I felt a little better but when he told me that they were greeted by you amazing ladies I immediately knew he would be fine.  I can never thank you enough for watching over my son and all of our Troops.  I was hoping that I could get copies of his pictures.  He is in the April 11, 2011 pictures. I really appreciate what you do.  Thanks once again.



Good Afternoon Ladies,

My son Raymond just called me from Bangor, Maine.   He is a United States Marine and is on his way to Jordan.  He just let me know that your organization welcomed him and his fellow Marine brothers when they arrived at the airport.  He told me about your website and I looked it up.  I think what you are doing for our Troops is amazing.  I can’t be there with my son but to know that there are people like you out there to take care of him when I can’t be there comforts me and makes me proud not only of my son but my country as well.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  You just made my day so much better.  God Bless you all and all of our Troops.

With gratitude, CG

Mother of Lance Corporal RG USMC


First I would like to thank you all for what you do for our brothers and sisters while they are on their way to and from the front.  My brother is featured in one of your photos from April 9th, 2011 at Bangor Intl. Could you email me a copy of the photo in full resolution?  This is my brother’s first trip over there and he is the youngest of 4 siblings.  My mother is of course beside herself worrying about her baby boy going over there.  Thank you again for all you do!


 At Your Service,



I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all that you do in support of our military men and women. These pictures are wonderful and it is admirable and phenomenal thing that you do with your own time and funds.

I would like to request a few of the pictures that were taken on April 9th 2011… 

Again thank you for everything that you do.

God Bless, HD


Freeport Flag Ladies,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! It is a very difficult thing to send your not quite 19 year old off to war. Thank you so much for meeting all our boys and taking pictures for their families.

Could you please send me two pictures from April 9, 2011- Bangor? That one is very special because it was taken while I was saying a prayer for him.

Again, thank you so much I cannot tell you how much it means to me.



I was able to see a picture of my son with the link that you sent me.  Thank you very much and thanks for your support of our troops.  It’s people like you that make parents like me and my wife very happy to see others are out their giving their time to make our kids feel proud.

God bless, MW


I loved this thank you so much for sharing!  My thoughts and prayers are with you guys you do soooooo much for the military and their families that thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.  You guys are truly a gem in the necklace of life.  Love hugs and prayers to you

Proud Semper Fi Mom


Hello Ladies! I just want to start off by saying you all are truly amazing women! What you 3 do is unbelievable, there are no words to describe how thankful I was when I heard about your website & saw a picture of My Marine on there. I'm sure you all know what you do is greatly appreciated but I want you to know that I am very grateful for this photo. Whenever any of you have time I would love if you could email a copy of his picture …

Thank You ladies so much!! You all are truly God sent. Thank You :)



My name is Karli and first off I wanted to thank you for being there for our troops when they fly in. I can't tell you enough what that means to me to be able to see my husband in your pictures. Thank you for all that you do. I was wondering if you could send me a picture that you took of my husband and his friends. …Thank you again for all that you do.

Thanks, Karli



Dear Freeport Flag Ladies,

Thank you so much for greeting our Marines on March 30, 2011.  They were very thankful and honored to be received so well.  What you all do is fantastic, especially since you have to travel so far!  I would love to show my children the picture that you took of our Marine, however, I haven't been able to find it on the website.  Is there a new location that you are posting the pictures to?

Thank you again for all that you do for our service men and women as they leave the country!

Warm Regards, KP

Proud USMC wife  


Kind Ladies,

My son has been welcomed twice by you and your very kind neighbors when he returned to the USA after being deployed.  Thank yous will never be enough to say for the gratitude that I feel for all of your work.  I appreciate that it is never easy to give so freely of your time and treasure, to leave warm beds when one is not feeling up to par or when aches and pains make it difficult.  But you do, and that is such a blessing for our loved ones, and I know that it is a blessing returned to you.

I looked at every photo from September 19, 2010, but I did not see my boy, the one with short hair.  Thankfully, we did meet him two days later, and he told me how, even in a semi-catatonic state on his arrival flight, he fondly recalled the warm greetings that he received...and all the dear mementos he was given.

May you all be blessed even more abundantly than you are now.

Love from a Grateful Mom, KW


I would love for you to!!!  You really are very special women!!  A gift from God!!  The pictures that you took of him at the airport were so good!  It did help me to see him with a smile on his face!  You will have great treasures awaiting you in Heaven for being angels here on earth! 

Thank you so much!! Sandy


Elaine, JoAnn & Carmen,

That is so kind of you! I am sure that he would love to see a package from you. I know the day he stopped in Bangor he called me right after his picture had been taken and he had talked to you. He was very excited that there would be pictures to share with me and our children. He told me how kind and sweet all of you were and this just continues to show it! 

Thank you again for all your kindness and the support you show to all our troops that are serving abroad. I only wish that everyone in our country could do the same.

Sincerely, The H Family


I was wondering what you ladies were planning for this year’s anniversary. I grew up in Freeport and drove past you three every Tuesday when I was in High School.  I have since graduated and moved to Arizona where I got married and had a daughter.  My daughter was born this past 9/11/10.  We want her to always know that she is a special baby and that her birthday is just a reminder of how America is thriving.  My husband and I have decided that we want to take her to a special 9/11 celebration every year on her birthday, and being from Freeport I would love to have her meet you ladies and be able to know what you do for our country and our troops. (You also, coincidently, were at the airport when my father and brother in law were deployed to Afghanistan so your cause is extra special to me!)

We would love to have her meet you all, wherever you may be on this special day.

Thank you for all you have done for our country, GD


Thank you for showing your support to our troops and our son.  It means a lot to be able to see them each time we have an opportunity. 

Thank you for taking time to show your support.  Thank you for taking pictures.  I am a mother that loves pictures!!!! One step farther from home in Louisiana, but you made it feel like home with your kindness before he left.  God Bless You.

JB Crowville, LA


Dear Carmen, Elaine and JoAnn,

I just happened to come across your story today on a Maine channel about what you do, then I picked up the forecaster and there the 3 of you were on the front page! I feel compelled to write you.  I am a proud mother of an 18 year old son who just enlisted in the Active Army a week ago.  I have such mixed emotions, some of INCREDIBLE PRIDE and others of INTENSE FEAR.  There seems to be currently no in-between. We knew for some time this was an option Dana was seriously considering. Although, this being his senior year at High School, I was hoping he would go onto college and maybe the reserves.  He has been accepted to college, even a college coach is interested in him for football...but his heart is one of serving his country. There is no talking him out of it, and when we met with the recruiters they too were impressed with his desire to seek them out and to serve.  Both my husband and I have and continue to pray with friends and the elders of our church for clear direction and protection for Dana and ALL the men and women who willingly serve our great nation. At times, Dana's decision just seems impossible to accept and fully comprehend. 

What helps is knowing my son and understanding the Soldier's Creed. A creed he willingly accepts in his life.  I never knew the Soldier's Creed until it came home in my son’s new Army backpack last week.

I am an American Soldier.
I am a warrior and member of a team.
I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values.
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never leave a fallen comrade. (He never left a sports teammate behind!!!)
I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my Warrior tasks and drills.
I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.
I am an expert and a professional.
I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close contact.
I am the guardian of freedom and the American way of life. (this describes my son's heart)
I am an American Soldier.

It was brought to my attention thru prayer that he has a serving heart and a strong desire and willingness to be a part of the Army.  He will be leaving in August for Basic Training, and then Airborne School and the one training he is most excited about is Ranger School.  I really had no idea what he signed up for until he has sat down and shared with me what it is.  I am "stunned" at the intense training of Ranger school however have expressed to him that he has my full support and his dad's.  However, in my private moments alone I begin to melt and crumble into a sea of tears. For example, seeing the 3 of you on TV and what you are all about and have done and continue to do since 9/11 had me crying. Reading the Soldier's Creed makes me feel shameful for not supporting our troops in ways I can. My awareness is so much more heighten having my son a part of the Active Army at a young age of 18 right out of High School. 

The 3 of you are inspiring and rays of light, hope and compassion for those who have served, those who are serving, those who are about to serve, and those precious lives that we have lost. As a mom of a young son willing to risk his life for another, and be a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.........I am wondering if any of you had sons that served and how did you handle the waves of emotions inside of you learning to let go and accept the challenge/challenges your son(s) willingly took on?

Warmly, SR



First of all I wanted to say thank you SO much for taking the time to take the pictures of our soldiers! It really is a very nice thing that you all do for them and the families back home. Seeing these pictures really made me feel great as I got to see my fiance and all of his fellow soldiers safe and looking well during their stop in Maine.

Thank you again for taking all of these wonderful pictures. It really means a lot to me to be able to have a copy of that picture because he was actually on the phone with me at the time the picture was taken, so its really awesome for me to be able to have this picture.

Thank you again!
God Bless, CL


I would first like to say thank you for everything you are doing to help support our troops. As an army wife this means the world to me especially as my husband begins his deployment. I would be very grateful if you could send these to me as they all contain my husband :-)

I wish you well in your further endeavors of greeting our troops and hope that the support continues to come your way. 

Sincerely, LH


I just want to tell all of you how much we appreciate what you are doing for our soldiers.  It means so much to the families here at home to see these pictures and to know that people like you are there to greet them and make their departure or arrivals so much better.  We were able to see these photos 3 years ago when our sons came home from Iraq after a 22-month deployment.  They brought so much excitement to the families of our unit here in Nebraska.  Now we get to see new pictures of our soldiers as they were leaving to head back over to Iraq for another year.  I love the picture of my son. That just happened to be his 25th birthday that day. 

Thank you again so much!  It’s nice to know there are such wonderful people in the world who will take the time to make someone else’s day so much better.



Good Morning Ladies,

I wanted to give you the update on my son and his Marine Unit 2/6, Echo Company.  They are safe at Camp Dwyer right now, completing the 1st leg of their long trip back home.  They will hit US soil on or about January 4th at Cherry Point, NC. 

He is still talking about the care packages you sent, he said, "they will never know what those packages meant to myself and my unit, they helped us get through."  

Again thank you, and I will let you know if I get a definite return date ahead of time, or I will let you know when they are home.

I hope your Christmas was amazing, and Happy New Year to you all.




 To all you wonderful loving people, a wonderful blessed holiday... may God keep you well, and your families.

Thank you for all your help and tireless welcomings to all men and women serving us all, and keeping America safe. We will never forget you and all you have done...

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Q family

 Our grandson arrived back from Afghanistan in Oct. 2010....  you made the visit in Maine a memory to treasure for all of us.



Dear Ladies,

Thank you so much for all that you do for our deploying and returning troops.  Something that seems so simple means so much to so many.  I am happy to report that my nephew, who was pictured in your May 21st departures, is now back home in the U.S. safe and sound.  His homecoming is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for.  Thank you again for being there and supporting our men and women who so bravely fight for our freedom.

Sincerely, EL


Thank you so much Flag Ladies! My husband just arrived in Kuwait and spoke so fondly of the greeting you gave him in Bangor.  He described the warm welcome and how loved it made him feel. He also told us about the pictures so, with him on the phone, my 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter scoured the pages to see who could find daddy's picture first! He got to hear us all squeal with excitement when we found it on page six!

My husband, his fellow soldiers and their families are all making big sacrifices for our country and, are often recognized and praised for it; you ladies are acting with the same level of patriotism and are obviously sacrificing so much of your time and resources for these men, women and their families...THANK YOU!  After I send this, if I can figure out our pay pal, I intend to send a contribution. I hope that you can continue to send off these wonderful men and women for as long as they are being deployed. Your actions are deeply appreciated.

Have a wonderful Christmas - I KNOW Santa will be good to you ladies!

God Bless, Kim



 I have been reading your words since my husbands 2nd deployment, now he's training for his 5th. Thank you from both of us for your strong inspiring words. I would like to ask if I may use the one you have written for today with your signature so my loved one know who

wrote it. My family is going through a hard time right now with a family member who has come down with cancer. I really feel your words is something they need to hear right now.

Thank you for taking the time to keep this going. God bless you and yours.



I am so grateful that you were there to see my son off to Afghanistan. Tragically, he was killed in action on October 14th. He wasn’t even in country 3 weeks. We do not know if anyone has any pictures of Alec in Afghanistan, and we may not get his camera back. These two pictures may very well be the last ones taken of my son. Thank you for being there, when I couldn’t be. You're in our prayers. Thank you for all that you do for our service members.

Sincerely, GC



The Florida Blue Star Mothers of Jacksonville Chapter #1 salute you and all you do for our country.  Two of our members have had the honor of having sons who have benefited by passing through the airport and being greeted by your wonderful volunteers.  Keep up the great work you do. 

We especially love the poems Elaine writes.  We use many of them at our meetings.  When are you going to publish Elaine? 

Most of our children are in the USA this holiday season of which we are blessed.  A few are in harms way and we join you in prayers for them and all our military. 

God Bless the Freeport Flag Ladies and all volunteers up there everyday but especially on Tuesdays when you unselfishly give of your time in all weather conditions.  (Love the snow pictures)

Keep them flying.



Thank you good ladies of the flag. It seems yesterday we were blessed by your ministry at the Bangor airport as we sent our son on his mission. We sorrow deeply that the homecoming has not been as we envisioned. It has, however, been honoring and profound. We are proud of our son; he has honored his parents, honored his country and honored our God.

Thank you for holding the flag of our fathers in James memory. We hope in that eternal promise though we yearn his earthly presence. God bless you, ladies of the flag.

Hi there! I love what you ladies are doing! I had never heard of you before till my husband ran in to you guys on his way overseas! I was wondering if you could possibly send me a picture of the one with my husband in it…. Whenever you get a chance could you possibly send that to me? That would make me so happy! Again ladies what all you guys do helps a lot and My husband and myself love everything about it! He called me and told me about you guys and what all you ladies do right after he met ya'll!  He said he got a picture with you ladies just himself but I'm guessing it got lost.... I noticed that it said they ya'll lost a few photos. So I would love to grab that one for scrapbooks and personal pictures!

 Thank you so much Ladies again! Praying for ya'll and all the soldiers!


With great love and appreciation, AA


I want to thank you for such a wonderful job you do. I was up late on Facebook could not sleep because of being worried for my son.  When he called he had said he had flown to Maine. I went to the unit FB page and found your website someone had posted. So I went searching. I found his picture standing next to a woman with a flag shirt on I think it is Elaine. I had heard about the flag ladies, but never really searched you out until now. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to see all those soldiers off especially my son. He is my baby boy the only son I have so it made me feel good to know a total stranger thought enough to be there when I was unable to. You are very special ladies and GOD BLESS you all for being so thoughtful and loving to all our service men and women. My son is a Navy corpsman and this is his 2nd trip over to Afghanistan. He takes his job very serious and loves and honors all "His Marines" He wants each and everyone to come home safe. We are a military family my son is a 3rd generation military, and son-in-law is also military he just came back from Iraq. My family does their part when it comes to defending the United States of America. Again, my entire family wants to thank you ladies from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you so much


B. P


Thank you so much!!! Its ok that it took a little bit...its all understandable.  I am so grateful that there are people like you guys! And thank you so Much for all of the prayers they are greatly appreciated! And I will be sure to let my husband know about the wonderful things you ladies do for us and our fellow soldiers and families! Again thank you so much!!! God bless!!



You three are angels.... did not realize it at first, that there are only three of you doing this.... My grandson is on October 31, the Marines….  I am crying again as I do this as you ladies are doing a wonderful thing...I know you must all enjoy this immensely...Think of all the people that pray for you and your good works....

Whatever you can do would be great.... God Bless You



 Dear Freeport Flag Ladies,

As a Proud Mother of a US Marine, I just wanted to thank you for posting my Son's picture (Gunny Sgt. R. Sandoval) and his Squad on your November website newsletter as they leave for deployment to Afghanistan. When they landed in Maine you were there to greet them, with warm and loving open arms, and for this I am so grateful. When I saw his picture I cried tears of happiness as I am very Proud of my Son. May God Bless you all as you continue to support our Troops and may God Bless our troops as they continue to fight for our Freedom.

Sincerely, KS
Proud Mother of A US Marine


Dear Ladies,

I would like you to know how much I appreciate what you do for our troops.  Several of the photos from the November 1, 2010, posting in Bangor had my nephew in them.  He was on his way to his second tour to Afghanistan.  It was such a joy to see that he was greeted in the middle of the night by such sweet, caring individuals on his last stop in the states.  Please pass along my appreciation to the other ladies.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Regards, TS


Hi ladies!

My son just left this past Sunday for Afghanistan.  Of course, my daughters, husband and I were in tears all week....again.  This is his second deployment. We were only able to say good-bye over the phone as he is stationed in California and we live in Michigan.  

We were so touched by your kindness and wonderful photos!  It really did bring tears to my eyes.  I showed everyone at work your wonderful photos and of course pointed out my adorable son.  I can't thank you enough for the kindness.  It is so appreciated.  You captured such delightful photos. 

I look at that website every day.  Your work means so much to us, you can't believe it.  You ladies (and I saw a few gentlemen too) are angels bringing cheer and support to our children.    I think  what a lot of people miss when they think of the "troops" is that these men and women are our children.  Thank you so much for taking care of Josh for us.  He is a Captain in the Marine Corps.  He flys the Cobra Attack Helio.  Please keep our children in your prayers, I know you do.  Thank you again for the joy you bring. 

Very Sincerely,

Captain C's Mom, KC  : ) 


I want to thank you for all that you do from the bottom of my heart.  The photos the videos are warming to all our hearts when our loved ones are traveling.  Words just don't seem to be enough but God truly blessed our military and us the families with you and your entire organization.

Hugs, prayers and many many thanks.


As a public school teacher and mother, the pictures you took and posted of our boys as they deployed will be cherished forever.  Every parent wants to be with their children, and when we can't, we want someone who believes in them to be.  Thank you so very much for your dedication to our country's troops.  My entire family send thanks for the support you provide and the compassion you freely give. 

Thank you for continuing to believe in military personnel.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to support you in your endeavors.  May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand as you have helped our hearts be a little less heavy. 

J & L C



First of all, thank you for being there to support and cheer up my Marine.  I truly enjoyed scanning the pictures for him.  There was a wonderful feeling seeing he is okay when I can't be with him myself.  I was hoping to get some pictures emailed to me

Once again thank you and God Bless.


Ladies -

Today I shed tears in gratitude of your presence, as my husband traveled through Maine from San Diego. Had it not been for your friendly greeting, he would have otherwise remained quiet, thinking about home. With a lump in my throat (for the immense gratitude I feel in my heart), I humbly say "thank you" for extending a friendly smile to my husband. And, with shed tears, I give thanks to the Lord for convicting your heart to be there for our loved ones when we cannot. You are truly God sent.

Tonight my heart is calm knowing that you occupied my husband’s thoughts with your generosity and distracted him from those moments of loneliness. As he travels to combat, I assure you he will remember his encounter with the Freeport Flag Ladies. God richly bless you! May you continue to enrich the lives of many more courageous men and women.

With sincere gratitude and faith,

J. U


Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you so much for all that you ladies do!  Just seen pictures of my future son-in-law on your site when they had a lay over in Maine on their way to Afghanistan.  We’ve gotten a couple of phone calls from him so far and know that he is okay, but seeing his face just makes it a little better.  You women are definitely inspiring and please know that your hard work is very much appreciated! 

SJ, US Navy

FMF Combat Corpsman
Desert Storm Vet


Thank you for all you do.  I just found your link and saw a picture of you greeting my son who is deploying to Afghanistan.  I hope you know how much it means to his Dad and I to see total strangers reach out to our soldiers with such love and support.  Thank you again.

Pam & Chris H.


You are all so sweet to think of us..... with the great picture.... what a wonderful day to share with all of  you.

Our grandson said it was the best surprise of his life... thank you from bottom of our hearts for sharing this special day with all of us and troops arriving and going.

This was the most touching thing to see all the men and women coming in on ramp...gave me Goosebumps....




Dear Freedom Ladies,

   I just want to start off by saying thank you for all that yall are doing!!! Its great and it has touched me that yall are there for these men and woman to greet them! My grandfather was in the war as an army soldier.  I only got to spend a little time with Justin and then he had to leave, but he told me that I could see him one last time by looking at these photos and would really like to have the last pictures of him before he deployed he called me right before yall took the pictures and was so excited when he told me about these pictures afterwards, I didn’t get to tell him goodbye in person and had to tell him a bittersweet see you soon and miss you over the phone, so its nice to see them of him...again thank you ladies!



To Freeport Flag Ladies,

  My wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you do for our troops. On Sept. 7th our son had a stop over in Bangor, Maine on his way to Afghanistan. We received a call from him that evening to let us know where he was and that all of you great people were there to greet him. It meant so much to us just to hear his voice. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate what you are doing for our young men and women in the armed forces. Thank you and God bless you.

Your fellow Patriots,
G & K B


Thank you so much for these pictures, it truly made my day! I know that you made the soldiers as well as the families very excited and you lifted the spirits for all of the men, women and families getting ready for this long journey! God has given you ladies a calling and I cant thank you enough for it!

Sincerely, Danielle


Dear Flag Ladies:

My son came through your airport (Bangor) early this morning (Thurs., 9/16/2010).  I don't think he could get on his cell phone fast enough to text me your website to see pictures of his unit during their lay over between flights.

I look forward to seeing them later.   I am so very very thankful that you ladies were there when I couldn't be!  It's been a tough couple of days and there will be more ahead.  But I am so happy he had such a pleasant experience there in Bangor. 

Again, THANK YOU and God bless you and your selfless acts of kindness and your support for our Troops!

DB, Army Mom


Freeport Flag Ladies,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for what you do.  My husband deployed to Iraq on September 15th.  I was able to look through your photos and see him, which eased my heart.  I miss my husband every single day, but I take comfort knowing people and groups like yours are taking care of him while he's away.  It is also a great reminder of the people of the United States that our soldiers protect and defend.

Again, thank you for providing me a glimpse of my handsome soldier on his way to Iraq.  I truly admire your dedication to our soldiers.

God Bless, C H


THANK YOU!!!!  I do not expect you to respond because I am just sooo grateful for all the time you are giving to our cause!   Do exactly what you are doing and do not ever worry about replying!!!!

So much love is coming your way, ladies!  God bless America and YOU!!!! 

Love, Sally


Thank you so much for the photo. I can't say enough what a wonderful thing you ladies are doing. It does make a difference to the families. And it is the last photo I have of him before he left. I wish there were more of you to help boost the morale of our troops.  As I mentioned before I take comfort in knowing that he was surrounded by good vibes.

Thanks again and God bless you all for all that you do.




I am the wife of SM who recently passed through your airport in Bangor, Maine.  I would love to have his photo emailed to me to share with our children who miss their Dad considerably.  This is such a wonderful thing that you do and I know it means a lot to the soldiers and their families.

Thank you again for your support!

Sincerely, LM


My son flew to Maine on his way to Afphganistan with the 3/5 of the USMC on Sunday.  This was the 1st leg of his trip on his 1st tour as a United States Marine.  He texted his mom and myself to let us know that your group apparently took pictures and that there was a chance we might see them posted this week.  Even though we are apprehensive about his departure, we have a very great sense of pride in him and his fellow marines. 

The fact that your group is showing appreciation not only means a great deal to us as parents, but it definitely had some type of positive impact on our son as well. 

I want to express my thanks to all involved. 

Sincerely, CB

Marine Corp Dad

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