Special Pennies for the soldiers


Another batch of new penny cards


Over the past 8 years Elaine has designed several different penny cards to give to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coasties. These penny cards are given with love and gratitude for the men and women serving our country. We thank them for their endurance of hardships; for their brave defiance of dangers; and for their blood, sweat and tears given to defend and preserve our freedoms. Freedom's light burns brightly because of each soldier's courage.


Congressman Mike Michaud and Diane Smith surprised us one Tuesday morning on the hill with a box of brand new pennies to be put on the latest penny cards


Congressman Mike Michaud gives a gift to Elaine of the newest Lincoln pennies from the mint in Washington to be used on the cards which are given to soldiers


Making special tiny envelopes to hold the special Lincoln pennies.

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