We must not forget who we are and how we came to be and the way of life that every American has the freedom to achieve. Nor must we ever forget those who have died for that right and those who put their lives in harm’s way today for that privilege.



It is with a glad heart that I say, “God Bless America and God bless every American”.



Freedom is something that our country has achieved; it was not bestowed upon us.



We must always defend freedom in its hour of danger.



Liberty and justice are the pillars that hold freedom from falling.



A true American is not determined by race, creed or color.



Freedom shines on America, let us shine for America.


The more you praise and celebrate the American dream the more there is to celebrate!


Americans who value freedom need also to value character.


America needs you to have faith in the great nation that she is.


It is through the eyes of freedom that we can visualize and realize the possibilities of America.